I strongly recommend working with George... He stands out as someone who really cares and takes time to assess your needs and training goals.

George is the perfect PT

I can't recommend George to highly as a PT. I started working with George to prepare me for my hip replacement. I was in pain and had posture problems and limited mobility. The aim was to get me in the best shape for my op so I could have a good recovery. That was achieved. We are now working on my post-op recovery. He has designed a programme that is specific to my needs. It's going really well. I'm happy, confident, and motivated. I'm pain-free, with increased mobility and strength. George has a great depth of knowledge on how the body works. He is kind, thoughtful, and a highly skilled professional. I'm a distance sea swimmer and excited about my future challenges.

Theresa N

I’ve been training with George for the past 6 months. His knowledge of anatomy and muscle function is brilliant and he’s able to tweak my posture in just the right way to optimize my exercises. He’s very motivational and patient. He’s the first personal trainer who’s actually listened to me and understood my goals. I always look forward to my training with George!

Sagar K

Thankyou George for your ongoing kindness, support, motivation, and encouragement to help me find my new happier self both physically and mentally despite my long covid fatigue issue. Your are a star.

Annette S

I have been training with George for 5 years. He is proactive and supportive, providing a training package to suit my personal needs, health issues and injuries. He has an innate ability to flex and adapt his approach. His standard of training and knowledge is exemplary. I would recommend him to anyone wanting premium training.

Lizzie R

George has a very professional approach to his clients. He is...

...friendly and approachable and produces programmes to encourage and challenge.

He listens to you and readily adjusts exercises to accommodate your limitations. He has encouraged me to achieve far more than I thought I was capable of and increased my fitness and mobility.

Peter T

I strongly recommend working with George. Over the years I have trained with a few PT. He stands out as someone who really cares and takes time to assess your needs and training goals. He has excellent knowledge and provides outstanding training programmes. He adapts things at each session to meet my changing needs. He has taught me a lot in quite a short period of time together. George has provided Personalised home training plans too. He has taken time to write these using the kit that I have at home. Again he is adapting the plans as I improve or fancy a change. As a keen runner George has written a programme that will build my resistance, avoid injuries and keep me doing what I love. George is easy to talk to, directs me to other resources and really cares about my progress. He has excellent knowledge and is always developing his understanding and service. I am very happy to have found him, and look forward to many years with his support.

Lizzie M

George has been my PT for 6 weeks now and I really look forward to my sessions, when I was looking for a PT I knew that George was the one I wanted just from seeing him around the gym with his clients, he is attentive, encouraging and knowledgable. George makes me feel comfortable around the gym , He pushes me to my potential which is exactly what I was looking for in a PT. George is really invested in my well-being not just physically but also mentally , I have had a rough time at work lately and he has encouraged me to call him If to chat and that he is there if needed. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend George as a personal trainer, he really is great in what he does

Yvonne W

Thanks to George’s empathic and professional approach, my strength, mobility, and confidence have improved. I used to visit the gym on an ad-hoc basis and never really understood what equipment to use and why. I now look forward to my weekly workout with renewed vigour as George has given my training a sense of purpose. As I continue to develop my strength, George is helping to correct any movement dysfunction I may have due to a former knee injury. I have been continually impressed with George’s depth of knowledge and ability to recommend the right exercise to ensure my strength improves.

Stephanie A

George is the perfect PT. Always professional and encouraging, he has carefully listened to my goals and designed programmes to help me achieve them. He has helped with my self confidence and I have even managed to go to the gym on my own, something a couple of years ago I would not have felt comfortable doing. Thank you George!


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I have completed two Precision Athlete Courses in succession and have found them to be extremely enjoyable and beneficial focussing on flexibility, agility, strength and balance. It definitely improved my fitness and abilities. I found George to be an excellent and patient instructor.

Andrea S

I joined George’s Precision Athlete course with three other ladies. Unbeknown to George, I had been bought a place for the Plymouth Half Marathon, later in the year. So, this course had come at the right time. It so helped me regain my mojo and confidence, in that I can achieve anything when pushed. Every session that was planned, I so looked forward to learning something knew. Thank you George & I made some new friends too.

Louise D

I found the programme made a dramatic difference to my fitness, both in my approach and performance, when I really needed it. Particularly cardio-wise and introducing different approaches to strength and conditioning too really refreshed the whole training experience for me. The group sessions each week were great in allowing time to focus on technique and building my confidence. And being in a group added the fun element back into training

Sarah B