Our lives are built on movement

Better movement,
for better health

We live in a world where technology has made parts of our lives much easier. We can order anything to be delivered to our home, without stepping outside. We can even log into work without getting out of bed. 

As a result, it comes at the expense of our physical and mental health. 

Despite the fact that the fitness world has expanded dramatically, there is an increasing number of life-threatening disorders that can be caused by our lifestyle choices. 

Our lives are built on movement. It is the primary source of our survival. 

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My name is George, and I am the movement coach. 

My goal is help you in whatever capacity you need. Whether that is guiding you through the beginning of your fitness journey, or preparing you for your next sporting challenge. 

With nearly 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, I have coached numerous amounts of people in succeeding their goals. 

And I can help you too! 

What’s in store


Copious amounts of confidence!


An indestructible mindset and belief in yourself! 


Consistent motivation, guidance and accountability!


An understanding of health and fitness and how you can make it work well for you


Improved mobility and body function


Insane strength gains whilst dropping body fat


Kettlbell in foregrgound, George doing battle rope in background


I offer face to face or online coaching. A bespoke service that will guide you towards your desired goals. We will look into all aspects of your lifestyle to optimise your fitness journey. From tailored programming and nutritional guidance to tracking your steps, sleep and water intake!

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Tailored programming

I offer a bespoke training programme package that is specifically designed to your unique goals, needs and physical capabilities. Taking into account your current fitness level, health considerations and personal preferences, I will design a comprehensive and effective workout programme just for you. With a personalised approach, you’ll have a programme that maximises your potential, helps you stay motivated, and guides you towards reaching your fitness milestones. 

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Nutritional guidance

Nutrition is an essential aspect of any comprehensive fitness plan. You will receive support throughout your fitness journey, assisting you with any nutritional guidance you may need! 

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Physical assessments

Body measurements play a crucial role in tracking and evaluating progress towards your fitness goals. You will receive assessments throughout your fitness journey so we can log every step of the way.

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Precision Athlete

A high performance training programme, created to enhance your athleticism. Click here for more information

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I have been training with George for 5 years. I would recommend him to anyone wanting premium training.

Lizzie R

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I can't recommend George enough. He has designed a programme that is specific to my needs. It's going really well.

Theresa N

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GS The movement coach

Tailor-made training programmes designed to suit your lifestyle and goals.

Whether you have questions, want to enquire about personal training/online coaching or need advice on your fitness regimen, feel free to reach out to us. I am here to assist you in every way possible.